The FLEXLease is an Arizona lease option homes program that gives you an option to purchase your new home at a future date. Rather than starting out with a higher interest conventional home mortgage, the FLEXLease first qualifies you for a lease. The FLEXLease term is meant to allow you more time to better position yourself for lower interest financing.


With the FLEXLease, 100% of the future home equity created during your FLEXLease term is yours and may be used towards your purchase when you refinance into your conventional mortgage. That means your option price is fixed at the FLEXLease contracted price and you have to the expiration of the term of your lease to get qualified to buy.


The FLEXLease Arizona lease option homes program can help you get into your home faster and with more ease, even though you may not be able to qualify yet for a conventional mortgage. If you know you want to be in a home, the FLEXLease option helps you get into your home today so you can start living like an owner, not like a tenant.

Lease Now and Live Like an Owner with FLEXLease

An affordable and secure option for home ownership that will allow you to purchase your home within your term when you're ready.

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Why FLEXLease?

Flexible Lease Option Contract Structure
Ease Of Getting Into Home
Time To Strengthen Credit Score
Build Homeowner Equity While Leasing